Medellin Hip Hop Voice – Medellin is a city, tucked in the center of the Aburrá Valley in the north Colombian state of Antioquia, that has undergone dramatic changes over the past several decades. Once plagued, and still but to a lesser degree, by the violent conflict between paramilitary forces, drug cartels and hired street gangs managing it’s many sprawling neighborhoods, Medellin struggled under a tense living situation. Currently Medellin is not devoid of the problems that have tainted it’s past but progress has been made through social movements that have provided venues for information and involvement throughout the city.  I recently had the chance to join Medellin’s hip hop artists, for Al Jazeera, and hear from them the stories on how music entered their lives as well as how it is effectively changing the dynamic of what life is like for kids growing up on the urban fringes in one of Colombia’s most dynamic cities.