An ongoing project documenting the lives of pastoral nomadic communities living in the India occupied region of Kashmir, a region that is at the crossroads of a geopolitical conflict hot zone between China, Pakistan and India. Once an intersection of caravan traders coming from all surrounding areas to engage in much needed trade, the region no longer allows the full passage of trade due the “Line of Control” held by India and strict border policies from all participating countries. The pastoral nomadic communities of this region graze seasonally in the Himalaya during the summer months but once the winter kicks in, they retreat back into the rain soaked plains to continue their grazing. While in the Himalayan region, it is not uncommon for the responsible family members, whom are in charge of grazing while the rest of the family commits to household duties, to climb as much as 2,500 meters in search of fertile grazing lands all the while descending the same distance before nightfall. This process is repeated daily and the herders are so adept in the terrain that when animals are lost, they are confident enough to go in search of them even at night. Here in lies a culture, mostly Islamic, that is on the verge of adapting to a surge of consumer driven popular culture, geopolitical pressures and environmental changes, that will eventually rid them of the lifestyles that they have continued for generations upon generations as nomadic communities living within this diverse region. As each summer grazing season commences, I will be joining them throughout their seasonal migration.